Products 2300 Volt Arrestors

Delta 2300 Volt Arrestors for Secondary Applications Help Protect Motors, Panels and Transformers from Damage due to Lightning and Voltage Surge.

LA 2301

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Weather Proof N-4
Case Dimensions:
4 1/2" Diameter
2 1/4" High

2300 Series Specifications

Type of Design Silicon Oxide VaristorTM
Maximum current 100,000 amps
Maximum energy 3,000 joules per pole
Maximum number of surges Unlimited
Response time one milliamp test 5 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 10,000 amps 10 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 50,000 amps 25 nanoseconds
Leak current at double the rated voltage none
Leads 2 18" 3kV #12 Str
Case material PVC
Locknut and Washer furnished 3/4" - 1 1/2"
Conduction Characteristics
8 x 20 microsecond wave shape - ANSI IEEE NEMA Standard
Discharge Current 5000 A 10000 A 20000 A 40000 A 60000 A 80000 A 100000 A
Clamping Voltage
(Line to Neutral)
1500 V 2000 V 2100 V 2600 V 4000 V 6000 V 8000 V
Unlimited Operations One Operation

Fasten arrestor in place. Use a Delta mounting bracket, part # MB, a pipe strap, or a knockout hole. Connect the black wire to the hot line at any convenient point load-side of an existing fuse or circuit breaker. Connect the white wire to an existing ground system and the grounded metal frame work of the equipment to be protected, or make a ground source per NEC Article 250.

Electrical work is hazardous. Bad connections can result in fire, injury or death. Installation must only be done by qualified electricians.

In the event that a lightning discharge is so powerful that something has to be destroyed, the arrestor will take the damage. When sufficient heat and stress causes failure, a one inch hole will open at the bottom of the enclosure. Hot silica and plastic bits will be expelled. Installing the arrestor in any approved electrical box will prevent accidental contact with a damaged unit.