Products Data Line Circuit Protectors

Help Prevent Surge Damage To: Audio Pairs, Data Lines, Modems, Local Area Networks, Computers, Fax Machines, Alarm Systems, Telephones

TA 304

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Type of Design MOV
Maximum energy 750 joules per pole
UL 497 B
Response time 5 nanoseconds
Leads 15" #22 SOL
Ground Lead 20" #12 STR
Case material PVC

These devices are to be wired in parallel to the telephone line or low voltage circuits. This can be done by punching down the AWG22 solid lead wires to a punch down block or by making parallel connection to the screw terminal inside the RJ connecting block. For low voltage circuits, parallel the lead wire to the screw terminal. All lead wires should be cut as short as possible. These devices are non-polar. Double-sided adhesive tape is provided for securing the device to any surface.

Connect the green ground wire on the unit to a physical ground. Use only 1 ground point per system. Solder all ground connections whenever possible. Run ground wire in the shortest path towards earth. The protector is rated 230 VDC.